The first term of portraiture classes is finished

The first term of our Portraiture Art Classes is finished and we got very nice result, I’m very happy. Students got knowledge about how to do composition of a head on canvas, they learned proportions, perspective, anatomy of the head, they drew scull, facial planes drawing, they learned to draw constructively parts of the faceContinue reading “The first term of portraiture classes is finished”

Tatyana’s Classical School of Art

I am a Fremantle artist of the Russian art school. From the time I was a student my art was heavily influenced by the Russian greats including Repin, Serov, Korovin, as well as the European impressionists such as Degas, Renoir, Monet and Van Gogh. Thus my style can be defined as a blend of RealismContinue reading “Tatyana’s Classical School of Art”